Monday, November 11

Nail polish: White and gold

White nailpolish during winter? Normally I'm not a big fan of that on myself, I love blacks, browns and reds during the winter months but I just felt like lighten up these grey cloudy days with a bright color. To add some playfulness I splashed some of my favorite gold nailpolish by OPI randomly on the tip of my nails.
One is never to old to play!


Saturday, November 9

Saturday morning chocolate muffins

Uhm yeah, so this just happened! 
Chocolate muffins with chocolate frosting and white chocolate stars topping. 
It's Saturday, cheat day. Happy weekend everyone!


Wednesday, November 6

Wednesday wisdom: 4 ways to be yourself

We all have our strengths, we all have our weaknesses. No one is perfect and to be successful and to overcome our own fears, we must accept who we are and who we are not, you must learn to love yourself, go and create your own life, your own story. No one is like you. Run your own race. To compare yourself with others will only take a lot of energy from you. Learn to go your own way, you will have a lot more energy to what you want to do, be who you want to be and go where you want to go. Go you!

  Don't see someone as a competitor or enemy, instead gain inspiration from him/her and adapt it to yourself.
  Focus on what you are good at rather than what you aren't and what someone else is better at than you.
  Realize that everyone is different and that no one is perfect nor lives a perfect life.
♥  The only thing you can change is yourself and the way you react to things.

If you concentrate in what you don't have you'll never, ever, have enough.
But if you are thankful for what you have and concentrate on that you will end up having more.
True story.


Tuesday, November 5

Never too busy for chocolate

A picture, just because I'm too busy to actually write something.
(Memorizing music, stress, eating chocolate, making choreography, more stress...repeat, chocolate that is)


Monday, November 4

Monday (blog) Mashup

I thought of having a little blog mashup here! 
To get to know each other better, to get to know new people, to have fun! 

To join the mashup all you gotta do is:
1. Answer these 5 questions on your blog.
2. tell us 5 random things about yourself /your life.
3. Tag all the bloggers you like.
4. Link back to my blog (I loooooove you!)
5. Leave a comment here on this post so I can come and see your blog!

What kind of blog is your blog?
My blog is a personal blog. I like to call it a lifestyle blog

When did you start your blog?
I once wrote an entry regarding when and why I started blogging, you can find it HERE

Why did you start blogging?
See previous question/answer

Who are some of your favorite bloggers and why?
There are many many fantastic bloggers out there and it would be impossible to link them all up but you can find a good part of my favorite bloggers in my sidebar under "My reads". You could also check out this blogpost.

I love to read personal blogs, specially Dutch blogs like Annemerel's, Anne Solveig's for example, because when I read their blogs I have the feeling of being in Holland for a few moments! I love fashion blogs like Madame de Rosa's, Le blog de Betty and Lizzy vd Ligt, Lizzy actually used to be a classmate of mine, she is not only a talented dancer but fashionista and upcoming designer too! Last but not least, I adore Gala Darling. Why? Who doesn't?

What do you wish for your blog in the future?
I really want to find my own voice as a blogger and make my blog an inspirational place for others. A blog which includes fitness, fashion, girlpower (aaaah now tell me what you want, what you really, really want) and lot's of beautiful pictures. A community for mind liked girls/guys who support eachother! I wish I could make more time to make all of this happen!

Now, tell us 5 random things about yourself/your life!
- I have way to much pink laundry
- When I cleaned up my nailpolish cabinet I came across 4 nail polishes in the same shade
- Learning Russian and Portuguese are still on my to-do list
- I wish I could perform in Las Vegas one day!
- My teddybear is called Peter and he religiously resides next to my pillow!

I tag: Ellie, Julia, Anne SolveigKim, Ashley Lynn, Alyssa, and everyone else who wants to join in!

Take care & don't forget to shine!

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